A unique, end-to-end and truly global service
from MSL that supercharges influencer marketing.

The Service

MSL Fluency combines strategic influencer expertise with data, artificial intelligence and
seamless campaign management to deliver against business objectives with efficiency.

The News

MSL Fluency Launches @SXSW

MSL Fluency Launches @SXSW

Press Release

MSL Fluency provides a new powerful way for MSL to tap into an influencer marketing category that has long been part of its core business.

Our Machine + Human
Approach to Combating
Influencer Fraud

by Saveira Singh

Everyone from tech giants to agencies to vendors and marketers are all trying to refine their models and algorithms to help eliminate fraudulent activity.

Our Machine + Human Approach to Combating Influencer Fraud

Behind the Explosive Growth of Influencer Marketing

by Rema Vasan

What makes influencers valuable to marketers is the way they organically integrate brands into their content.