22 February 2019

Behind the Explosive Growth of Influencer Marketing

How MSL Fluency came to be

Content developed by millions of social media creators around the globe is recognized for its creativity and ability to engage followers. But what makes these creators valuable to marketers is the way they organically integrate brands into their content. When skillfully executed, the authenticity of the content can trigger powerful relevant messages that resonate with followers and cause them to act.

With millions of highly-skilled content creators gaining a greater presence and impact, influencer marketing, once relegated to the sidelines of the marketing industry, is taking center stage. It is a multi-billion dollar industry globally, and marketers consistently are increasing their budgets on influencer efforts.

As a result, the category is in a rapid pace of transformation. What just a few years ago involved experimental efforts where brands engaged a handful of influencers to amplify brand assets or to create some original content has become big business. Campaigns often involving large numbers of influencers creating authentic, relevant content have moved to the heart of the marketing ecosystem.

With this growth and transformation has come the need for efficient, agile and effective scale. Not to mention transparency around followers, data-driven identification of influencers, ease of campaign management, business-driven measurement and amplification that optimizes ROI.

As the agency for influence, influencer marketing has been threaded through our DNA for years. In 2017, we put a stake in the ground that Influence and Impact will define the future of public relations when we made it our tagline. And it is so much more than just a tagline, it is at the core of what we deliver for our clients – translating the power of Influence to yield the greatest business impact.

After research with our clients, influencers themselves and an analysis of the industry, our team, comprised of leading influencer marketing experts from around the world identified an outage – the need for a transformative, seamless capability that delivers scalable influencer programs based on smarter, data-driven choices.

Given the growing investment in influencer marketing, we know that marketers expect great business impact and it was clear to us that success in the space requires more than technology alone. Strategic marketing knowledge and years of influencer expertise combined with best-in-class technology and machine learning are necessary to deliver the best result.

The result is MSL Fluency, our unique, end-to-end, global influencer marketing service that supercharges influence at scale with seamless efficiency and effectiveness. It is transforming MSL’s approach and execution in the influencer space by marrying human intelligence with best-in-class technology and machine learning. This enables us to curate, manage and measure influencer-created communications to deliver optimum business impact. Importantly, MSL Fluency will constantly evolve as the consumer, influencer and social landscapes evolve.

We’ve already piloted MSL Fluency with key of our clients and are seeing great results. We look forward to supercharging influencer marketing for brands, smartly leveraging the authenticity and creative culture that energizes influencers across the board, with one key goal in mind – delivering business impact.