25 February 2019

Influencer Marketing –
Not Just for Consumer Brands

Despite the massive growth, and proven success, of influencer marketing over the last decade, many B2B brands still overlook influencers as a core strategy to drive business results.

The truth is influencers can play a key role in B2B marketing, one that is not easily replicated by traditional tactics. Why? B2B audiences need evidence of real business value and ROI when making a purchase decision and influencer partners can help contextualize business/product value for prospects that can help drive conversion. But to see the value, there are a few points to consider when running your first B2B influencer campaign:

  1. Understand your audience – In order to understand your audience, you must first identify who they are. That doesn’t mean solely narrowing in on demographics and geographies. It’s critical to also understand how your target is influenced. This means mapping out every channel and touch point in their decision journey, from traditional media and business blogs, to forums and industry events. And, ultimately, the people that influence them.

  1. Seek out authentic partnerships – There isn’t a single definition for ‘influencer’ in a B2B context. It’s all about finding the right person to help champion your company. An influencer can be a current customer, a subject matter expert or even an up-and-coming entrepreneur. Even more importantly, influencer partnerships should mirror your ideal customer relationship: loyal, lasting and mutually beneficial. Prioritize long-term partnerships and look for new and innovative ways to collaborate.

  1. Put storytelling first – B2B influencer marketing shares the same principles and best practices as it does for B2C: it’s all about storytelling. Yes, any piece of influencer content should clearly outline your company’s offering, include results, data points, and evidence of the impact on the bottom line. But, in order to truly influence an audience, you need to keep them engaged and inspire them to take action. Focus on the so-what, and the larger human impact narrative.

Collaborating with the right influencers can help drive credibility and impact sales. This is exactly why we are bringing the MSL Fluency service to-market. We are focused on helping companies find the right influencers to help evangelize their brand, execute those partnerships and optimize them for impact. Check out more